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admin fail


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I can't believe how chuck admin is a failure and why ahoyworld would hired a failure admin


1. I'm sure you new you ban me because you protect kids who destroy heli in base medic don't do their job


why don't you go get some training on that


2. wake up chuck if i'm a creator of ahoyworld I would remove you

here why


Medic should do their job teamwork not *Ignore


Simon should get a life and stop destroying helicopter in base did you ban no ?


don't like my account ban me then I'm sure you happy with that dickhead

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Let's try that again shall we? This time try using your words. Now what are you trying to get across? Would you like to be unbanned? Or is this just a little bit of you letting off steam?

In any case try to calm down before typing it'll go easier.

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Hello Josh and zissou


I'm not here to unbanned myself but please if he is new in the game he may use bootcamp of all training in arma 3


I'm piss because if a dickhead medic run pass you and you call him would you not piss ?


if someone destroy all helicopter and you watch it would you not piss ?


if i'm a admin here I make sure no one mess around

since he is new I let him ban me make sure he familiar how to ban works




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hello fabs retard

The last time i check is you being another retard of course i'm not the creator of ahoyworld


I'm just a person playing on this server " please use a brain "


here what i'm trying achieve in this post the one who create this should train their admin not only reading the rules but please atleast make them smarter to watch those newbie in ahoyworld server




Hello zissou


So why should i use nice words on such admin chuck

have you ever i talk to other admin like this ?

my other teammate were doing well work together did i use words on them ? no

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Hello Brendon, How are you on this fine day?


Im good myself thanks for asking, 


About an hour ago i was in a tense CSGO competitive game on dust 2, i then saw you name pop up on my second monitor, quite a few times actually.... I swiftly alt-tabbed and had a look what was going on. 


16:30:09 | (Side) Berylbrendon: stop spamming gay boy   <-- mature

16:32:25 | (Side) Berylbrendon: don't fire a gun asshole

16:53:33 | (Side) Berylbrendon: mother fucker simon if you crash any helicopter or plane in here

16:53:41 | (Side) Berylbrendon: i'm going kill you everytime you spawn

16:55:42 | (Side) Berylbrendon: don't act smart here asshole

16:55:55 | (Side) Berylbrendon: a admin abuse his rights

16:56:20 | RCon admin #2: (Global) Chuck: Berylbrendon please calm down
16:56:26 | (Side) Berylbrendon: maybe you should get a life
And the lovely PM's some admins recieved after you ban?
S0zi0p4th, [29.04.16 17:25]
<18:22:57> "berylbrendon": it's good that your admin ban me because your server is full of retarded people maybe 20%
<18:24:15> Your chat partner has disconnected.
Chuck, [29.04.16 17:27]
<17:23:45> "berylbrendon": no wonder you a british how weak your admin are
<17:23:52> "berylbrendon": get some management level
<17:24:21> Your chat partner has disconnected.
Is this a ban appeal or a rank im struggling to tell?
Yes we do appreciate these, you are not wanted in this commmuntuy and i think most people agree with me goodbye.
And yes i did win my CSGO game 14 / 4...
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