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Let's talk about more convoy usage

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Hey Guys,


ive been playing on AW I&A about 220 hours now and i would like to discuss how we could increase the fequence of using the support vehicles like medical HEMTT to get an small selfmade base at every AO.


I think of this because it annoyes me when i play medic and most of the players just respawn instead of waiting for a medic. I think it would be nice to increase the respawn time up to 2 minutes or something like that. Because then people would rather drag their friends to the next medic or medical HEMTT instead of waiting for respawn.


I would also like the idea of an extra Pilot slot for an medevac team.


Let's discuss!


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The only time you will see a convoy in use is if there is someone acting as commander or some sort of event eu1/2 are practically arcade shooters even eu4 doesn't use convoy's due to the travel time and the fact that a convoy battle group is as effective sometimes less effective than a heli born battle group.

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I suggest you jump in to the eu3 server and find you'll be much more satisfied ;) it is possible on the publics (did it a few times when not much players were on the server) but to organise an effective convoy with random people just wanting to shoot and dont care for tactics/communication, is a pain in the ass!

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When on EU 1/2, look for the more organized squads and just ask to join them. They're the type you're looking for on EU 1 and 2 who actually use convoys like you describe...expecially when the pilots are crashing left and right...


An HEMTT filled with troops is a great sight B) 

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I agree with you, i played a few times now on EU3 and it was just amazing, seeing the teamwork of all players on the server is just amazing. Squadleaders making plans for every Squad. Squadleadera actually do what they shoud.. Lead.. and people who listen to the commands from the squad leader.

Bye bye EU1 and 2 :D Hello EU3 gg

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