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RGP HE - how do you aim it?


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Simple question here - how do you use the RPG reticule to aim the HE rockets?
The reticule works fine for RPG AT rockets, but the HE follows completely different flight trajectory.
Is there some re-calculation pattern you can apply to reticule when launching HE?

PS: I have read somewhere that before Titan launcher was implemented, the second RPG rocket was actually Anti-Air, which explains why it has so huge range compared to AT, but that still don't give me clue how to range it right.

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@Kman: Truth to be told i rarely used HE outside of towns or in ambush where you shoot it without considering balistics. If i do need to engage (out of despair) outside of 200m then i aim it based on weight of rocket (aproximately half of AT). Need to check this out in arsenal ASAP.


PS: Alamut was fire and forget system and was capable to fire AA missile in early days ( anybody remember diving showcase?). Since then i belive the ammo for it was changed completely in configs.


Edit: HE for me is very situational dependent. Lighter rocket means you can haul more with you, but lack of penetration means you can only score mobility kills on wheeled armor or disable CROW turret. Both can be acomplished by small arms fire (turret generaly has  less HP then wheels). So what you are left with is bunched up infantery patrols, light trucks, landing helicopters, clearing bunkers and other fortified positions. AT for me anytime everytime

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The ranging of the RPG has never made much sense to me, the range markers on the scope are ok for up to 200m but after that they are very inaccurate. 

I tested this extensively a while ago, for example at the 500m marker on the scope the AT rocket would actually reach 900m.

The HE rockets perform VERY differently as they fly MUCH faster you can assume they have no drop up to at least 500m, and if you range it right you can hit much further away. So HE can also be useful for hitting moving targets like a helicopter or an Ifrit at long range.

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I just tested the Alamut (AT and HE) in the editor and the scope was dead on at 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500m.

Jumped on EU2 for a min and tested it at 300m and the same, dead on.


But there has to be some kind of bug with the Alamut as i have had the same problem before.


I remember a time when me and another dude each had one HE left and i took a shot at the target (not moving) and the HE went way past it, the other dude shot at the same range, aimed at the same scope range and hit it.


Never had any problems with the AT (unless i mess up the down/uphill adjustments.

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Here's a video I made just now testing the RPG's scope. I turned off all my mods as well in case that caused it.



Looks like you have a higher FOV than default, i never changed FOV in Arma 3 but i know it messed up the range thing of scopes in Arma 2/DayZ.


It does however not explain the problem kman have with "the HE follows completely different flight trajectory" (that i have had in the past).

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Ah interesting, I never thought about FOV but that's probably it then, thanks.

For me (like I mentioned above), the HE has a very different flight trajectory, so it's not unique to him, I always assumed it was normal?


I'll have to do some more testing later!

Ok I've found the answer to the problem, MODS!

Specifically, Blastcore_Phoenix.

With the mod, the HE round travels much faster and with less drop. Without the mod it behaves identically to the AT round.

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Jason thanks

it is really the mods

when I joined AHOY, read this Josh's thread:


got the two repositories (official/modded) and just played the "official" without second thought.

I thought it was just visual/audio stuff and UI improvements, but it really messes RPG HE rockets.

Curious if there are other bugs I don't even realise, but everything else seems to be working "non-weird".

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