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This is my first attempt on making a game night request 


Operation: Hostage Rescue

Map: Takistan

Military: Woodland Marine (USMC)


Amount of slots: 42


Hi, this is my first attempt to request a custom mission for a fun game night. I worked hard on this one as hostage rescues has more to it than just shooting your way through everything.



On the map there are not any markers. That is because the Platoon Commander will be "informed" on where to go and possible what to expect.



I, myself want to be the Platoon Commander mostly because I know where everything is and putting a new one in that slot might ruin it a little.



Kits have been preset and does not need a change. They have what you need and nothing more. The rifleman may need AT4s


.I don't know where I should leave the PBO file so click here to get it.


If i missed something, please notify me

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Removed date due to not beeing aproved
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