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Gamenight 23/4 2000GMT Rayak Patrol

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So I mashed togheter a patrol mission using ALiVE and its asynchronous mode, so if youd like to join in destroying caches and recruitment senters and keeping the hearts and minds of the citizens of al-rayak safe signup below



Slots Form


Loadouts are set, main force comp is UK with mastiff hardware to use as traveling with a small recon force led by me. So we _WILL_ need a pltco. Further mission details will be given to who ever signs up as PLTCO.

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Shame gamenight didn't go as planned. I was looking forward so much and the tension was real inside A2 MRAP. My buddies and myself were all on alert when we'll see that smoke trace behind rpg or even yellow tracer coming towards us. I was having a feeling A2 vehicle was the first one but apparently we went wrong way and eventually got lost. This reminded me I can play on EU#3 without all the help we get from equipment. Now I just need to find the best weapon which can use ironsights not like M enclosed variants. Map set, go!


I'm just worried nobody informed Kennychr that BAF uniforms are causing people to get ragdolled all around. I mean we all knew on the server this was happening and nobody informed him. +time preparation.

I'm happy Kennychr tried to bring us back to stoneage. Now we know how lucky we are having all the equipment on our disposal. And we whine about AI shooting you through trees, shooting you from long distances with ironsights or having godlike health.

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