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New 1.58 version of arma is out today


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The spotrep for all juice information can be found on this link




I have spotted new audio codec (instead of current old speex)


Added: A new VoN Codec implementation based on Opus (can be enabled by setting vonCodec = 1; in the server.cfg)


Means that is not enabled by default, so you have to put that in server config.


I have yet to test it out see if there's any difference.


Oh unfortunately it doesn't solve stuttering problem.

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GiPPO: Sweet, thanks for the info.Btw is the OPUS codec now used on all codecQuality settings?
[9:44 PM] Dwarden: @GiPPO no, vonCodec=0; is SPEEX while vonCodec=1; is OPUS(edited)
[9:44 PM] GiPPO: So still only 1?
[9:53 PM] Dwarden: both have range 1-30 ...
[10:00 PM] GiPPO: Thank you!
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