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Arma 3 update

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Today I updated Arma 3 on steam to the latest version and now i can´t play on EU #3. When i connect I get an error message saying Connecting failed and there´s a cross next to EU #3 in the arma 3 server browser. When i hover over it it says different version.


So my question is when do you plan to update the server to the new Arma 3 version?  :rolleyes:

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As the update brought larger difficulty options, will there be custom preset?

Now we could have 3rd person view enabled and still have AI with max. Skill (and Precision possibly).


Also now it shows ingame one more Name+Role indicator, which I think is disable-able in the difficulty settings. So now when you hover aim over player you get his name in text 3x (and yes it annoys me a lot :D ).



Just found a post about this:

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Whenever i try to join the server the text comes up on the screen something like: lost connection with server 10 sec. Then updates every 5 or 10 seconds until you get to 90 sec when you get kicked off. 

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