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Backpack bug


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Yesterday I played as FSG gunner and I had just put a Mk6 mortar tube or bipod bag on the ground to fetch the other part from my truck.
Then as I ran back to the place where I put that backpack, the main AO just got cleared and at the same time the backpack that I had put on the floor (which was only there for 10-20 seconds max) went *poof*.

I saw this happen before with a normal backpack as well.

So it seems like when the AO clears/switches all backpacks on the ground go *poof*.

Not sure if this was already known but I figured I'd inform you ;)

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Yes this is because of a "cleanup" script that happens at the end of every AO, which will remove items like backpacks from the ground.


If you think the AO's going to finish then just stick them in a vehicle to be safe. Also if you can bring some spare bipods etc with you in case it goes missing

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the "cleanup" script kicks in regulary,not really depending on end of AO - it does affect the whole map,so no matter what and where you place something on ground it´ll vanish due to the script in a regular timed fashion (each 10min?)



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