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Hey, I'm IG:Tyler (Mr_Tymo)


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Hey Ahoyworld,


     Some of you guys know me from Luetin's Missions as well as EU #2.  If I'm on TS, it is usually on a mission or just on EU#2 for the time being.  Streaming is a regular thing when I play on the server, so the one time plug is http://twitch.tv/mr_tymo/ if anyone is interested. I choose not to stream when I'm on a weekly mission because ZUES is the focus an will always be the main attraction.  I also love streaming other games in ARMA 3 and otherwise to just feed my hobbies.  I am a US army brat that knows too much about the military to not be in it or aspire to be.  I go to (Uni) College here in the USA as an American.  Hope to see you all in game and on TS.


Fellow player,







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