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EU 3 Vest and Headgear Armor Ammount



First off I know ArmA 3 has many bugs but why is it when I'm wearing level four body and head armor I get one tapped but, someone who is right next and wearing no armor gets shot and is perfectly fine even though we both get shot in the chest. I would like to know because it pisses me off, because now I feel like armor is just useless. It may because I'm just unlucky but it happens every operation even when I'm in cover and the other person is not. 

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two words;


Vital Organs

Well, i guess the armor is made to protect them. Armor values were always a bit sketchy

I believe that it's more that when you get hit in the vest, you don't even realise that something hit you and continue pew pew'ing, you do realise when you get oneshotted tho. If you watch out for it you will see that every now and then (probably at least once every mission) your vest/helmet takes one or two bullets. 

It's pretty realistic tho, body armor will hardly take 7,62 even from 300+ metres.

Even a 5,56, hardly but can go through some of the better armor's



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I don't think arma uses a linear system - rather it is random. I have increased a player's hit points so I think people die a lot less, but getting one shot is still a thing.

If you truly think armor is useless, feel free not to take it - you will have a ton more stamina for running.

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Welcome to the militairy, where you sign up to give your life for your nation.

Welcome to Arma, where you buy the game for a lifetime enjoyment of randomness; feature or bug.


Together, welcome to giving your life for an unkown cause due to the randomness screwing you over.

Happens to all of us. 


p.s. if you're unsure about armor statistics etc. just take the vanilla gear ;-)

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