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Mod Suggestion for EU3

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Hey guys,


i got a couple of Mods to suggest for the EU3 Server. Of course it depends wether they work with the currents mods like ACRE, ACE, ALive etc, but still, i want to get the ideas out there ;)


first of all, i am not a CUP Fan because i dont like the Models not the Skins they use but thats a personal opinion. A great Addition/replacement for the current gear could be the VSM-Gear Pack v1. 




Second of all i would suggest Arma Enhanced Movement that i guess that is a tricky one... but when u use it, you will have a whole new Arma 3 experience.



Thats it from me





as a personal note: after a long absence i had great fun at wednesdays gamenight (cheers to Ryko for that) and the days after on normal EU3 :D

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For VSM... it just adds clutter to the arsenal, honestly, and bloats the repository unnecessarily. As far as I know, we're keeping RHS and we have a custom made pack of uniforms that look better than CUP's. Last resort, use vanilla stuff, it's pretty okay.

For AEM, it was suggested not long ago here, and has been previously suggested from the looks of it. This was the staff answer:


Hey Dreams while the mod in question looks fun for you guy's 

These type off mods are glitchy at best 

Not every objext is made to climb on so you fall true after using this mod 

so wi will not add this (we already had it or something close before on eu#3 wich we removed due to the glitches)

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Yeah I get the Problem with AEM getting u stuck somewhere but honestly... after u used it, even on a modded map, u know what u can do and what not (used it on N'Ziwasogo (CUP Buildings same as the ones on Takistan) and it worked great)... but i get your point

to VSM: Yeah sure its "just uniforms and a couple of vests" and i would never suggest to remove RHS because it is an awesome base in almost everything. I was just suggesting the VSM mod because the skins are well done, and they cover Camoflages from different nations (more to come as far as I know) which in my opinion makes every player feel a bit more home ;)

As said they are only suggestions. I worked with these mods personally and they work great with other mods (especially VSM because it is "just" retexture of the vanilla stuff (just like TRYK, but with working vests and even better done)

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Well given that the recent cup BAF uniforms have been tripping people up like keystone kops I might be open to new uniforms. But uniforms have been a pain for us to implement, and for what it offers I'm not super convinced we need more.

- R

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