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EU3 TVT GAME NIGHT - WED APR 13, 20:00 GMT (16:00 EST)


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When: April 13, 20:00 GMT (16:00 EST)

Server Opens 15 minutes before

Mods: Standard EU3

Player Count: 34 each side

Loadouts: Pre-set

Mission Length: 30 minutes (at least best of 3 rounds)



The mission for this Team vs Team night will be Operation Whirlwind, a new mission set on the Proving Grounds map of CUP Terrains.  It is a sector control mission.




BLUFOR is US Marines, OPFOR is Russian Spetsnaz.  Both teams have access to basic vehicles and one armored vehicle: for BLUFOR it's a LAV-25, for OPFOR it's a BTR-70.


Each team has 100 tickets.  There are four sectors to control.  Each time a player dies, their team loses a ticket.  Taking a sector restores 10 tickets.  The teams begin locked in their base; they have two minutes to prepare a plan, after which point barricades are removed, and they have 30 minutes to win the mission.


If all four sectors are taken by one side, the mission is over; if either side loses all its tickets, the mission is over; if the timer reaches 0, the mission is over.

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