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Invade And Annex: Stratis

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What do you mean a Rouge version of I&A ? (i see 50 camper on a hill waiting for a scripted convoy)


Or the the stuff we do on the Eu3 , Base and convoy attacking...as us as soviet as takistani.


?repurposed military camps? you can defend a camp and you can attack a camp, ..........more......... i got no idea


the gamenights are good for special missions but special missions need a lot of work from the zeus befor it starts.


Ähhm and Eu1 plays on Altis Eu2 got stratis a long time, but now its also altis.


and a new gamemode is a lot of work the staff work 24/7(all in there leisure) to make  I&A better and i dont think that there any


resources left in the moment.


cya Koyote

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