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Valiant Bug report

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So Soziop4th wanted a bug report from me in a formatted manner, capable for him to read. Let's just say that's kind of hard with the general quality of this mission, it's fantastic. The only bug thing I kind of found was the suspension on the transport we were given first. But i'm sure everyone knows of that one and its mod side, nothing to do with the mission. Some of the classes didn't contain ear plugs, which would had be nice to mute out the sound of the machine gun next to me.... Also the assistant automatic rifleman could use a little more body armour, like seriously he was going into battle with a sweat shirt.

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Said assistant autorifle man here:

Default loadout contains a lot of rather random stuff (2x suppressors, bipod,...), earplugs missing, that "force" loads on every Arsenal interaction.

Default loadout uniform was a shirt.

Maybe it's possible to add MG-ammo access for the assistant AR?

An arsenal on the captured airfield would be nice if one has to re-equip after spawning there.

Other then that, this was certainly on of the best experiences on the server in a long time.

Really good work on it.

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Only thing i can think of was in the arsenal on the carrier. When trying to add more stanag ammo in to my vest there werent any magazinetypes showing in the magazinesection. After a short time they became available (again). Don't know if this had something to do with the ammobox on the airfield as well but me and some guys in need of extra stanagrounds 5.56 could not find it inside the ammocrates.


Ow and downside was when capturing Pyrgos my fps dropped to an average 11 :P


Had a great time and i really loved playing Valiant. Good job!!


Grts Lex

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The mission went perfectly for me. We are missing that spawn option from PTC-1 where you can choose where you spawn from new base or aircraft carrier. But those are only additional features like arsenal, vehicles spawn at captured base etc. I haven't seen any kind of problem with mechanics whatsoever.


If starting equipment is fixed, we actually don't need arsenal at all. Ryko is on a right path in Gauntlet043 with first spawn equipment.

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