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[War Thunder] F6F-3 Hellcat


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F6F Hellcat is also my favorite plane in the game, I feel it adopts a play style I don't find with other planes with similar role style such as the 109.


Like H2K says, it's good at turning at high speeds but note turning bleeds speed so BnZ is the best bet but you can put both together in a tactic the yanks used often, what we like to call "Turn and burn".


Step 1: Approach your enemy, preferably at a higher altitude advantage

Step 2: Dive on enemy and throw some lead

Step 3: After you have done your damage, immediately pull up and gain altitude with speed you acquired in dive

Step 4: Roll the plane in a loop, the F6F is one of the best loop planes I've flown.

Repeat steps from 2 to 4.


Note: If the enemy turns away and you miss in step 3, do NOT try to follow him, you will either rip your wings at high speed or just bleed all the speed, if the enemy turns away from you, they WANT you to turn with em, don't fall for it and just pull up and repeat step 2, you will get em eventually, or at least make em turn so much that they bleed all their speed and you can just pounce on em.


If your used to the F4F which I find is best at low altitude scavenging, the F6F however is a plane you need to use at higher altitude, it can out turn certain fighter planes but eventually being low and slow is gunna get you killed.

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