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Duffyman Ban Appeal


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Ingame Name*: DuffyMan
Why do you think you were banned?: I was most likely banned for being very bad at teamkilling. I failed to Teamkill Miczilzszszsz. This was the correct thing for the admin to do and I believe they do there job very well.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*: I believe, in my personal opinion, that I should have my ban removed because I failed at teamkilling. Not only that but everyone loves me… #duffyforcorestaff. I’m very sorry for being bad at arma and I will not fail to teamkill someone again. Your admins do a very good job here, and I support them in every move!

Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?:Origins

When were you banned?*: Some time in the history…


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After having a chat with you yesterday on TS I`ve gotten a good idea what was happening. Although your action might have been provoked, it shouldn`t have happened, you know that and should have approached a moderator or an admin to deal with the situation. Never take matters in your own hands in the future by shooting and trying to teamkill someone.


Because you hadn`t had any previous incidents (beside the "one" we all know of, which has been cleared with both parties), we (the Staff) feel you are a good laugh and asset on our servers so I am giving you another chance. As I mentioned earlier, if anything like this repeats, the punishment will be of a longer duration.





Community Referee

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