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Problem with latest Stratis Download

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Hi Guys.  First off i just want to say how much I enjoy your servers.  I dont really play on any other missions but these and props for letting the general public download your missions.


I want to host the Stratis version of Invade & Annex and have downloaded the latest version from this website.  I want to to tinker about with it and have extracted the pbo to my editor.  Other than that I haven't touched a thing however I cannot get the Main AO to work.  The side missions pop up and show fine.  However i cannot see the main AO on the map and no pop ups appear stating its active.  If I go into Zeus I think I can see where its supposed to be as I can see a whole bunch of enemies unmarked on the map.


Obviously i have main AO's enabled in the parameters when I first load up the game.  I am a complete newbie to all this so any help would be appreciated.   It might be something really daft I have overlooked but as I haven't touched the mission when I encountered the problem thought I would seek help here.


Many thanks


The Doc

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After loading it up again just, I noticed what I think is the main AO out in the sea in the bottom left corner.  As mentioned before this is untouched by myself other than put me in Zeus mode so I can have a good look around.  I tried loading the mission up a few times and the AO seems to be always located in the same bottom corner, although no pop ups appear to tell me there is an AO available.  Ive attached a few screenshots.  Its a bloody shame I cant get this to work, as im finding the Altis map too big 




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After days of searching I've solved the problem.  I went into a server with a working Stratis server. I was then able to download and edit mission to my needs via appdata\local\arma 3\MPMissionsCache.  It was the only way i could get it to work.  None of your Stratis links worked for me.

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