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Day- Z for Arma3 call it Viruz Check it out


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You miss the Beginning Times of Day-Z befor its going..you now crap

There is a new (old)mod out that brings Day-z with some of the other Exile,Breakingpoint stuff but look the video ..pictures says more the 1000 words :D






check it out say how you find it i will try to play the mod in the next 2 weeks and give a feedback to

cya on the field Koyote out :D

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Though that looks nice, just be patient.


There's a mod for DayZ coming to Arma 3 soon that adds in a ton of mods and scripts that really makes the game 10x better than whatever Bohemia can pull out there arse, not really saying Bohemia are bad, hell they gave us Arma 3 but Standalone just isn't really gunna live up to expectations, even if or shall I say when they re make the game engine or at least have the intelligence to use their own.

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