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Hello from Volkert

Volkert Jansz

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Hi guys, 


David said to introduce myself here; Hi guys!

I'm Volkert, 31 years of age from Amsterdam and I'm an Arma fan since about 6 months (mostly console before that).


I have about 5 friends who I play with, we generally play Exile, Battle Royale and sometimes king of the Hill.

We also really enjoy playing a squad based scenario against AI.


I would love to make a squad with my friends and and take part in a properly organized large scale battle against real players or AI.

What would be the best way to get started with that in terms of finding a larger team and such?


Hope to see you on the battlefield!


Cheers, Volkert


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Welcome to the forums .



I would say TS is the best way to get a team together sins most of em will have a mic .

Or make a squad on one of the servers with your friends and look for likeminded players .


Play a bit on the servers and you will spot the players that preffer team work over the lone wolf play style easy enough.



AW also has some game nights to for some organized battles like Zeus just look on the forums for the post. 




enjoy your stay .

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Hello Volkert.


There are a number of options to look at, we have two main non-modded severs, EU1 and EU2 which run the invade and annex missions. These involve the capture of towns on atlis, against various AI units. EU1 regualry has around 60 players on it and offers a varity of large scale battles. People who play on this sever co-opertivily are often on team speak leading to some small scale squads.

However EU3 offers the most co-opertivie gameplay in my opinion. It is our modded sever and currently runs guantlett, a mission structure ofcourse a varity of modded maps, leading to some intense fights against AI in a structure manner. Everyone on this sever is on teamspeak leading to fully co-operation, under the radio system of acre.

Information on EU3


How to download Mods for Eu3


EU3 Rules and Regulations



Feel free to ask any questions. :)

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