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AhoyWorld Summer Race League ‘16


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AhoyWorld Summer Race League ‘16




Car List:


-Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3

-Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTE

-Audi R8 Lms ULTRA



-Ginetta G55 GT3

-McLaren 12c GT3

-Mercedes SLS AMG GT3


-Cadillac ATS-V.R GT3

-Chevrolet Corvette C7.R

-Bentley Continental GT3


Point System:


-01 - 25

-02 - 20

-03 - 15

-04 - 10

-05 - 08

-06 - 07

-07 - 06

-08 - 05

-09 - 04

-10 - 03

-11 - 02

-12 - 01


Fastest lap will score an extra 5 points.




-15 min qualifying followed by race.

-All cars must pit at least once and change tyre compounds.

-During wet races you will not have to change compounds.

-Dry weather tires will be soft and hard compounds.

-Lapped cars must give way to cars on lead lap.

-You are allowed to change cars 1 time during the season.

-Weather is randomized and progressive.

-All assist are allowed except racing line and auto braking.       




-NO intentional crashing of any kind.

-NO intentional brake checking.

-NO corner cutting.

-Driver in front ALWAYS has the right of way.

-Passing is not permitted off track. Positions must be given back if gained.

-Too many "racing incidents" may result in penalty/disqualification.

-Do not reenter the track in a unsafe manner.

-You must wait until all cars go by before entering the track.








Race League Tracks:

Races will be held at: 17:00 GMT (start times may change if needed)

-Laguna Seca   2.23 - 23 Laps - 4/10

-Spa           4.35 - 12 Laps - 4/17

-Bathurst      3.86 - 13 Laps - 4/24

-Watkins Glen  3.37 - 15 Laps - 5/01

-Le Mans       8.46 - 06 Laps - 5/08

-Olton Park    2.67 - 19 Laps - 5/15

-Hockenheim    2.84 - 18 Laps - 5/22

-Imola         3.05 - 17 Laps - 5/29

-Sonoma        2.51 - 20 Laps - 6/05

-Nordschleife  12.9 - 05 Laps - 6/12

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About tyres, we have to use soft slicks and medium slicks, or soft and proper hard slicks?



We are to use both SOFT and full HARD tyres, not the mediums.

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Few questions:


-The tyres used for qualify, are we expected to start on them aswell?

-Is there a limitation for the camera (1st person)?

-On what setting is the tyrewear/fueluse?

-Are we allowed to use stimulating substances?

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You can usecany tyre on qualy, soft is suggested

Camera is not limited/forced, use what feels comfy.

Tyre wear is set to 3x, they wear out faster, makes it more interesting.

For the last bit, only beer or water is allowed ;)

Sent from my toaster

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