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Ingame Name: Batman


Why do you think you were banned?: The pop up when I attempt to join says "admin ban - hacks" or something along those lines, I'm not sure why this comes up as I have never hacked Arma 3 nor your servers, nor would I have the knowledge to do so. 


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?: As I said, I have never hacked Arma 3, or any game for that matter, and it is frustrating that I can no longer enjoy the Invade and Annex servers that I was such a fan of before my ban. Perhaps I was banned accidentally, since I didn't break any of the server rules, especially hacking, or perhaps there was another reason. Nonetheless, this ban was unwarranted  


Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: I'm not sure.


When were you banned?: Also not 100% sure, only noticed it within the last six weeks.

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After speaking to the banning admin, he told me a different story to yours. You`ve seemed to be invunrable and invisible at a Zeus mission, he tried to kill you with lightning bolt or with an AI soldier, yet you didn`t die.


There is also 1 more thing concerning, you`be been banned in mid June 2015, yet 9-10 months later you decide to make a ban appeal. If you`ve been eager to play on our servers earlier, you would have filled a bit sooner.


Unless you have any other proof of your inocence, I am sadly gonna have to deny this.


Ban appeal DENIED.



Community Referee

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