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Notes on using MODs for EU3

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There's a misconception floating around that you must have all MODs from the repo enabled in order to play on EU3.  This isn't the case: you just need to have the MODs that are required for the mission in question.  In addition, you can happily add any client-side MODs you wish that play nice with the server, for example Blastcore-Phoenix for splashier explosives, or if you're an admin like me, Ares which augments Zeus functionality.


For example, many people play with the ALiVE and DAC MODs enabled, even though the Gauntlet mission does not require either.  In this case there's no harm in leaving them enabled - it'll just take a little longer for Arma to start up, and in the case of ALiVE, your interface will change and disconnecting will take longer.


I've attached a screenshot of my Arma3Sync mod list, to give you an example of how you can reduce your overhead and utilize A3Sync's functionality to serve you best:




As you can see, I have disabled ALiVE, enabled Ares, (BC-Phoenix is currently disabled because if I have it enabled while exporting the Gauntlet mission, everyone else will need to have it), disabled DAC, I have the JS_JC_FA18 mod in there for local testing, but it's disabled to play on EU3, and I have the fancy new PLA mod (China) but I've disabled it for now because none of the Gauntlet missions use that OPFOR faction as of yet.  On Friday I'll enable ALiVE to join the Collier's mission, for which it's required (assuming I get a slot), but for now, it's not necessary.


If I was super picky, I could even disable certain maps if I knew we weren't going to be playing them (if we were playing nothing but Al Rayak, I could probably disable Fallujah and Panthera, but there's no real advantage to doing so).


So you may well be asking yourself, how do I know what MODs are required for the Gauntlet mission?  The quick answer is to try and join the server: if you get an error message, it'll tell you what MODs are required, and what MODs you've enabled that are not.  The slightly less quick answer is to look at the image above: if I can get on the server with that list enabled, so can you.




(PS, the server is in the process of being updated, so at the time of writing, you'll get an error after joining with the new MODs)

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