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I&A TVT Submission



I have finally "finished" my TVT mission edit of I&A. I don't think these kind of projects are ever really finished, but I think this is at a decent stage now to ask others to help and for me to focus on other things. I don't have an exact count of how many hours it took me to fiddle and faff my way towards this point, but it has been a long road.


Basically it has all the things you have come to love and expect from I&A vs AI but with some new TVT specific elements and a few extra features I wanted to see involved. I made it for the casual public crowd but it has loads of parameters for tweaking the mission to be a little more "serious". Hopefully it is useful to the AW community.


3 Factions (NATO, CSAT, AAF), 20 players a side, radiotower plus conquest style capture in the main AO. One team is picked to defend while the other two attack. Defenders default win in the Main AO after 60min. AI just there to slow attackers down. Same story for the side missions except they expire quicker and yield lower level rewards.


I have put a lot of editing time into customizing the gear options available and making sure players spawn with the basics for their class right off the bat. I've also tried to "balance" teams and encourage squad play. You can expect to do some HALO jumping and see some AI paradropping in too.


There are still a few niggling bugs (e.g. some lifting) but nothing that should be game breaking as far as I know. If you come across something, please let me know and I'll try sort it. I'm not a programmer though and I'm sure there are people in AW who would do a much better job than I in terms of taking this mission forward.


I don't claim ownership of anything, this mission belongs to AW and they are able to do as they please with it. You can download the mission below and I have included a little notes file in the pbo for details on my plans for the future and what remains to be done etc. I'd also welcome any ideas to make TVT a thing.


You don't need any mods to play but the standard mods set on EU1/2 should be nice additions! I think the mission would run well FPS and gameplay wise on Veteran difficulty as you could disable a lot of the performance raping aids needed for forcing regular play. Either way it should be a blast when you have more than 5 a side.


I hope you enjoy it!



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I guess what you are really getting at is TvT means different things to different people. I didn't design it for the uber tactical EU3 bunch, just for public play - so its not a response specifically for EU3 TVT missions. If you really wanted to sure I suppose you could use it in that kind of setting, I just think those types of players want specific missions with no respawns and a conclusive winner like capture an airfield, defend a crashsite etc. not generic on-going capture/defence/sabotage missions like EU1/2. 


In my experience, the biggest complaint (after FPS) with I&A is that it's only AI, well this is the next logical step and I think it could be a thing. Some servers have tried to do this as well, by using the I&A code and adding TVT aspects, but after having tested their missions I was really disappointed with the build quality. So I took it upon myself to try and provide something I thought was of better quality and would actually be playable and possibly even successful to some extent.


It is intended to be a nice way to jump into something familiar and shoot people not just AI which I think fills a void between EU1/2 and any PVP action that happens on 3. Generally speaking public players don't have much choice in terms of PVP. They can play Life, KOTH or Wasteland. None of which really encapsulate the combined arms warfare thing well at all and just amount to harsh gear grinds - yawn. So I hope to humbly address that by proving the seed for an alternative scene to develop.


Obviously I stand no chance of achieving that alone - hence sharing the mission here and seeing what happens. I had discussed this idea with Raz/Quicksilver a bit a while ago and the answer from I&A was "do the editing, then we'll talk more". Being persistent, they probably just said that to shut me up. Oh well, here it is, I have done the editing to the best of my ability. So now its up to the community to try it, if they like it then sure more time can be put into developing it and tailoring it to their feedback.


Anyone interested can try it out by downloading and putting it into the My Documents/ Other Profiles/ Arma 3 / MPMissions folder and hosting on LAN. As to whether AW will ever host it that is up to them to make that decision and honestly is unlikely. Servers cost money. You need to host game modes you know people will play. There is an existing demand for I&A EU1/2, hosting another server or dropping one would be a big call to make for something "untested".


The best shot this mission would have is to find support with the player base and be tested in a game night. If people enjoy it, who knows.

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You don't need to keep trying to promote it by posting again and trying to make it sound better...

You already made it sound pretty good in your first post.
The only thing you're going to achieve by posting multiple times in your own thread, is making people think you're a bit pushy,

or needy.

Just give people some time to actually get around to reading your thread, and wait for a few comments,

I'm pretty sure people will have some questions about it.

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First off,good job taking a challenge and delivering!

Might check this one out over the Easter weekend and see what u created :)




Servers cost money. You need to host game modes you know people will play. There is an existing demand for I&A EU1/2, hosting another server or dropping one would be a big call to make for something "untested".


The best shot this mission would have is to find support with the player base and be tested in a game night. If people enjoy it, who knows.


Secondly,i dont see the "demand" for a TvTvT mission at all - the idea kinda turns up min. one time on any ARMA sequel - and let me tell you this,it never sold (due to very different reasons i dont feel the need to mention in detail).


The only time i see this gonna work out is a "gamenight" like you mentioned,when you have a set player base and can take a similar setup for all 3 teams (playerwise) - but sorry again - i dont see this taking off in MP and im even seeing way less chances having this hosted on a "payed" server b/c its a waste of slots/money in the long run.


Quod erat demonstrandum : 

SWEC stats

put "TvT" into the search and check how many TvT demand there is


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