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Big thanks to John for the Mission


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People should always expect us to find the weak spots by now... :D

If there's a hole in your defense... be aware, we will locate it.. :P

I'm gutted that I didn't record last night too. The push to the Officer with Slick and Hamster with Sniper dropping the rest of the team off after they'd been in the battle with the artillery was a good run, even with the 2 Sniper (one with an LMG ;)) and a spotter bit on the hill before that.

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Yes big thank you John that mission was awesome loved the fact it was not stuck to one position and the push back was good fun 


loved when you typed " you are all spread out likea bunch of  lone wolfs " 5 mins later both the officer and stratigic point captured lol 


and not bad for a 3 man team he post XD

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