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The Division Ubicrap watchdogs 2.0


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Playing the Betas, I realized quickly that it wasn't for me.


I guess it sorta reminded me of a mix between DayZ and WoW, without any of the good parts of either, and I've seen nothing of the full release to make me think otherwise.


I'll be waiting for Escape from Tarkov ;)

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I will post here, simply to state....

I actually like the game, it's a fun break from my usual stuff.
If you don't enjoy the game, then fine, but there's absolutely no need to post something so negative on a public forum.

Just simply accept that it isn't for you, ignore it, and move on.

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The Biggest Proplem is that ubisoft got all the rights on the server you cant have your own division server also its very very anoying that you can buy 15Euros for a hack , and its working a reporter of the german *gamestar* test it and its full working on the ubisoft server


sure its a good looking game but 60 euros for 15 hours gameplay ..yes you can play longer over and over the same missions again and buy more content but..

i dident wont buy a half game and then 5 dlcs ubi make it simular to wargaming ..

i cant remember there was a time you have pay a pc-game you got a hard copy @ home you have the right to sell it after you play it over and over and over again :D

But then come steam and origin and ......


If we look on Bohemia and the Arma series How many Dlc they got and how many free Updates then the next Battlfield should be for free the next Farcry for free and min 4 premium ships in WorldofWarships with 16skillpoint capitan for free :D

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