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Would you consider...



allowing an enhanced movement Mod in EU1/EU2?

something like this...

that allows for more fluid interactions with the environment,

and allows you to climb over obstacles that in reality you would be able to climb over.


I was just wondering as it would add an extra dimension to some of the missions, instead of being stuck trying to fight through a choke point, smart players could use the enhanced movements to locate new ways into bases etc.

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I would think this would act just like a sound mod or the shac tac mod... not everyone is required to use it. I think it would be a nice addition, the only thing i would be worried about is if the mod could run cleanly on the server, without effecting performance. 

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No we talked about it several times and those mods have no place on EU#1 and 2 because to have it look decent every one needs the mods same as most other mod's 


Because once you gonna use it and some one doesnt have it its gonna look like you glitching true alot off objects 


We keeping Eu#1 and #2 UNmodded for the sole reason they are our public servers so every one should be able to join and have the same experience and ease to get on 



Why we do let you use sound mods and blast core is thats only client side and only texture or sound  so nobody else will notice you using  it 

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