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2LT D. Hawk

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In game Name*: 2LT D. Hawk


Why do you think you were banned?: After having been asked in game, I agreed to join in teamspeak at the call from the admin, to which I had gotten told that I was advertising my Milsim unit, and was banned on spot without attempt to explain myself. Reason in ban statement: "Advertising". I was sitting in my channel, politely talking to Chuck and Duncan after the whole incident whilst I am currently filing this report, and I was banned due to "Until your ban is resolved, I dont trust you here on ts" With an administrator in my channel, listening. 


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*: I had started in game with two of my friends who ARE in my Milsim unit, and I named the grouping in game as such. We had played for quite a while on the server, and I am not new to Ahoyworld, so I did not see this as a problem, seeing as how it had never been a problem beforehand. Along the way, we had come across members here and there, and they found interest in the in game group, and asked to join the in game group, to which I did not feel it was of any problem. From then on, the in game group had grown, more and more people had asked to join in on the group as we were playing much like a Milsim, (Example: Taking squad leads, calling target bearings, fire team assignments, etc etc) and we in my opinion were having a lot of fun! A few individuals who I know play on the server quite often I had asked if they would want to join in on steam so we could play together again on the server. However I do not feel that I was given a fair chance to explain myself in the mix up as I voluntarily joined into the teamspeak at the request of the administrator who had contacted me in game via administrative message, and I had been dragged into the channel, been very rudely yelled at, told how I know "Damn well" that I was advertising, and within seconds on tabbing back in game I was banned from the server. I was given less than a minute to try and explain myself, however I was simply shut out from any sort of explanation as to the confusion, and moved out of the locked channel, and at the attempt to gain a response from the administrators through teamspeak chat windows, I received no response as this is my first time submitting a ban appeal, and I needed a bit further instruction. 

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?: I feel in my personal opinion that I was flagged by the administrative staff as a trouble maker due to my tags and the name of the in game group. I was not trying to cause any trouble with any of the staff, nor was I asking anyone to join my Milsim group. I feel that everyone in the in game group was having a lot of fun, so I went with it. I do not feel I was given any sort of a chance to explain myself, and I feel the administrators had a very strong tone of condensation towards me. I feel that this is getting to a point of an admin feeling that he is better than any individual, and no matter what I was to say, I was getting shunned out of any sort of contact to not only administrators, but also my fellow game mates to which I was playing with...


Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: It had all happened so fast, I do not recall who it was. However the channel occupants I was dragged into were: Chuck, Dingo, MykeyRM, and Zissou, however I think I was Zissou who did the actual ban in game, and the unnecessary ban in teamspeak.


When were you banned?*: Around 4:00 PM Saskatchewan Time (No Daylight Savings) 18/3/16



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Final word on this ban will not be mine however a couple of notes.


"I am not new to AhoyWorld" - Then the rules should be known to you. Advertising of another server/clan in any form is not usually accepted by server hosts.


"seeing as how it had never been a problem beforehand" - Not being noticed by staff before doesn't mean it's not against the rules. 


- The fact people joined the group, worked together well and the opinion of the other players about the group name is not the issue here. 

I would assume the friends of your's would know you by name and could soon find you. 



"I was sitting in my channel, politely talking to Chuck and Duncan after the whole incident" - Agreed and appreciated.




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I would say the entire situation is one of ethics. There was zero intent for advertising in any way on my part, on top of that no attempt was made to recruit in any such manner. The name of the in game group was simply a way to represent the group of friends who had come in to play with me before the whole mess had started, and to play our role as such as a "Cavalry" in game. I do without a doubt see the conflict, and I will accept responsibility for indirectly and unintentionally setting the precedent for the problem to arise. However I have a few points to make in the same spirit as mykeyrm (Also, thank you very much for the reply).


In the main rules page, section 1.1.6 states: "Recruiting, or activity deemed to be considered recruiting is not permitted". As it is obvious, you simply cannot argue with the rules that are laid out. However no rule was broken as towards the name of the in game group, as no individual was contacted in a manner of recruitment nor was the name of the milsim unit spread in a manner of open recruitment in any way.


Section "Use your role to the best of your ability-" (Continued). The role of the in game group was to act as a cavalry squad. We were to reinforce the parts where the front line was weak, act as a coordinated land based mechanized/infantry force, and support our team as a quick moving mobile force. Which we had done together as a group in game. The fact that the name had reflected the in game role has no correlation between it, and a act of recruitment/advertisement what so ever.


Under the main rules page, subsection 1.1.1., "AhoyWorld is a welcoming community that respects its members and visitors.". The problem I think that is currently pending is a matter of how the situation was dealt with. In my previous two examples, it is clear that I had not broken any rules by the book. Although in doing this I am exposing myself to accusations of trying to bend the rules or find "Grey" areas, to which I welcome criticism. But I did not break any rules, which brings me to the main point of this comment to the topic. 

The matter of this appeal is one of ethical decisions. Clearly the actions that were unintentionally taken on my behalf and noticed on the administrative staff's behalf fall under the category of "Not covered by the rules", though they were not broken. Although proven that no rule was broken, the overall opinion of both party's can be seen by all. I had a very good time playing on the server, we had a fairly large coordinated group going, and we were having fun; is that not the point in having the server? This was cut very short due to the name of the group in game. There was not a single effort put forward by the accusers to resolve the problem, the method of resolving it was an immediate permanent ban, no questions asked, a permanent ban separating me from the individuals I was enjoying my previous hours with, and verbal mistreatment from the administrative staff whilst being told how "I know damn well what I'm doing"... If AholyWorld is to express itself as a welcoming community that RESPECTS its members and visitors, do you not think that it would be in their best interest to offer non bias administrative actions towards issues in game? Rather than going completely against the set of morals and values that AhoyWorld has set, for no other reason than they can? Obviously this does not pertain to all administrative staff, as I have had good experiences with some. This issue could have simply been resolved through a "Hey, we feel that the name of the in game group may be reflecting a sort of advertising/recruiting that we do not feel comfortable with in our servers, could you please change the name of the group?". Now, being an administrator requires a certain level of sternness and back bone guaranteed. But with a very small case like this, because of the exaggerated actions taken BY the administrative staff who administered the ban(s), it has lead to this long ban appeal.


I am a very well going person, I did not come into the server with any intentions of advertising/recruiting nor did I ever expect to run into any problems with the administrative staff. I do feel that this was an act of aggression to display some sort of superiority complex by a bias driven admin on a problem that could have been solved in a far more mature and kind manner. In saying that, I do feel that I am going to step on some nerve endings to which I apologize, but do realize as of this moment I am the one unable to play on the server or join the teamspeak, and it is mandatory for honesty. I am being asked in my opinion why my ban should be appealed, so I am going to speak exactly how I feel on the matter.


Source: Zissou AW Admin, Posted 31 August 2015 - 09:46 AM, <Source Link>





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You were banned for advertising on our servers. As you have stated you were aware of our rules.

This is from the chat logs:

 [2016-03-19 | 09:03:20] (Group) 2LT D. Hawk: Just gonna throw this out there... Are you guys interested in being part of the [NAME OF YOUR GROUP]?... You guys are fantastic

All the fluff you've written is superfluous to the fact that you came on to our servers and decided to completely ignore our rules for your own gain.  


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It seems you weren`t honest with us and you still think you haven`t broken any rules, but we all know that is not true, see the quote below, obtained from our logs:

 [2016-03-19 | 09:03:20] (Group) 2LT D. Hawk: Just gonna throw this out there... Are you guys interested in being part of the [NAME OF YOUR GROUP]?... You guys are fantastic
Recruiting is NOT allowed on the servers, it`s clearly stated in the rules. you yourself quoted them. Your message was not intended for players to join your ingame group, but the actual community you are part of, clearly indicated by this:


[2016-03-19 | 09:04:13] (Side) 2LT D. Hawk: If you have steam ill add you into the steam group


Ban appeal DENIED.
Community Referee
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The case in that situation had differed, however evidence does not lie, and in previous statements I will admit I was in a bit of a huff. Thank you for your time in reading the ban appeal. I will extend an apology to those involved, I will be moving elsewhere as I have broken the rules. Thank you again. 

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