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John McClane

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Fri April 1st (4:00PM EST)  



Okay so based on the votes given on my previous post, im going to give it a try. Here Are the Available Slot's.



Slot Expectation's!!


2nd In command will help me make decision's, and keep an eye on thing's for me. Preferably another Admin/Spartan, but others will be considered. 


Squad leaders will be the one that the command element will be taking too via a whisper setup in team speak.


An entire Fire team may be Reserved for a group of friends that you play with but please make sure they can attend. If you want to reserve an entire fire team, please message me VIA PM on the forums. 





   - John McClane (Zeus)

   - Extra


Vehicle Team (HammerHead)

   -Driver (Open)

   -Commander (Open)

   -Gunner (Cebi)


Vortex (Must Be AW Member/Competent To fly in High stress environment) Can make exception's if vouched for. 

   - Squad Leader (Harald (Former Someone)

   - Transport (fr4q)

   - Transport (TonyPestroni)

   - Transport (Anyone)

   - CAS (Chicken_Bananas)


UAV Operator

   - (Extra)



   - Sniper (xSniper1982)

   - Spotter (ifnt05)



Alpha 1-1 (FULL)

   - Squad Leader (Stian)

   - Medic (RehabitedHamster)

   - Autorifleman (Shax)

   - Autorifleman (P057code)

   - Grenadier (giddy)

   - Marksman (Soar)

   - Rifleman (Jason) 


Bravo 2-1

   - Squad Leader (PiranhA)

   - Medic (Kman)

   - Autorifleman (Open)

   - Autorifleman (TheDirtyHO)

   - Grenadier (Munic)

   - Marksman (Gripe)

   - Rifleman (Slick)


Charlie 3-1

   - Squad Leader (Open)

   - Medic (Open)

   - Autorifleman (Open)

   - Autorifleman (Open)

   - Grenadier (Open)

   - Marksman (Open)

   - Rifleman (Open)


There will be other slots available for people to join in with us. But once they are full they are full. 

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Sniper/Shax/fir_nev/stian/anyone/tonypestroni slots reserved




It will be the same as EU 1 and 2 except there will be zeus missions instead of the AO.



I am going to be setting up temp channel's in teamspeak for each squad and will be making a quick tutorial video of how the Whisper System works in teamspeak for the squad leader's



The reason i dont wanna set a date and time yet is IDK if we are going to have enough people to do it, once we get 2/3 squads filled i will give a few options for a date and time we will all vote on. 

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