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When: Friday, March 18, 20:00 GMT (16:00 EST)
Gather: 19:30 GMT (15:30 EST)
Map: Takistan
MODs: Standard EU3 modset (including ALIVE)
Player Count: 25
Mission Length: ~2-3 Hours (JIP allowed)
Mission: Hearts and Minds In Takistan

Mission will be locked to first-person only with semi-restricted loadouts

BLUFOR is maintaining patrols around Takistan to keep check on the insurgent forces as well as keep relations friendly with the civilians. Currently, relations are on edge; many civilians groups have started to actively retaliate with roadside bombs and full on assaults. As the civilians like us more, fewer will join the ranks of the insurgents.

Tasking is to:
1) Relieve tensions with civilians
2) Obtain intel from civilians
3) Use that intel to attack key insurgent positions.

Insurgents have occupied many towns which may need clearing out. They also roam the surrounding deserts and small villages. Your ultimate goal is to ensure the area is safe for civilians by clearing those towns as well as destroying key enemy caches or HQs as information is obtained.

Sign Up Here - Priority given to early sign ups, pick your top 3 choices.

Command (2 Slots)
Alpha Squad (12 Slots)
Recon Team (4 Slots)
EOD Team (3 Slots) *Full
Casevac (4 Slots)

This mission will be hosted on EU3

Credits to Kieran Collier for this excellent mission

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Just to note:

Some people I know don't run ALiVE with their standard EU3 modest however this will be required in order for you to join the mission!

Sent from my iPhone using a phone app that is really irritating because it constantly advertises itself.

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Guest Bartlett

I can't find the sign up page and I was wondering how I could join late as I finish work at 9pm and will be on for 21:10 I would like to request any vacant slot can someone point me in the right direction? ??

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Shame I've got to go to work and might not be able to attend the first half an hour or so.
Pretty well set-up guys; I have to admit. Saw you testing it and such; looks really promising.

Well have fun for the first half an hour when I'm not there, but hey! Don't start the party till I arrive :-) jk

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I will have to back out of tonight as my PSU has burnt out, fuck you Corsair, and i will not get a new one till tmrw. My apologies chaps, the op sounds real fun. Good luck. This message was sent on something that dell created to help break enigma and is defo not capable of running arma. lol.

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Thanks to everyone for joining! The mission was excellent, with raving reviews. Apologizes for the late start due to server troubles, but I guess that's expected from an EU3 game night ;)


Kieran and I are planning on doing another one, this time with the new and improved AI, under different circumstances (nighttime patrols? ;) )


Great time everyone.

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