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Guns'n Scopes


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Hi people

I wanted to ask, what guns'n scopes you prefer for particular squad roles and why. I've been experimenting but likely miss something usefull.

Team Leader - Still did not have the guts to take the slot.
Spotter - Mk18
Medic - Mk18
Autorifle - MX SW, only played him couple times
Grenadier - skipped him so far, need to do some training with grenade launcher first
AT specialist - MXM 6.5 (trying to save as much weight as possible for the missiles)
Marksman - Mk-I EMR
Repair specialist - Mk18
EOD specialist - Mk18
Sniper - did not played yet, confused about the whole "mildots" thing, even thou I watched some videos
Pilot - Err, maybe when I feel like commiting mass-murder/suicide? :P

RCO for CQB/NightOps on everyone (ARCO seem like the very same thing with different look, unless I'm missing something)
+ on the guns that deserve it (7.62 callibre) I've been taking Kahlia to switch from RCO for the daytime longrange shots

There seems to be many scopes that I don't realy know if they have some special use. Would appreciate input!

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Medic - MX (with a close range scope, like the ACO or eotech and 4 mags, only if everyone else is down and i need to engage)

Autorifle - got 2 kits, light and heavy - light MK200 with ARCO      in towns i use the light, in open areas the heavy loadout

                                                          - heavy Navid with ARCO

Grenadier - MX GL with MRCO

AT - MK20 with ARCO or ACO (light weapon, not so much recoil, good with heavy loadout)

Marksman - light  MK18

                     - heavy Cyrus    both with marksman scope with ability to aim through a RDS

Repair Specialist - MX with RCO (good balanced rifle, for close- medium distance, playing mostly as rifleman since repair isnt needed so often)

EOD - MX RCO same as repair, once RT is down, normal rifleman

Sniper - M320 .408 with LRPS

Pilot - having a Handgun in my vest, mostly the ACP.45 or any 9mm (since focus is on being in a heli)


Using same scopes for all weapons at night, except as sniper/marksman, the NVS

I prefer the MX, over most weapons, because it doesnt need so many shots like the 5.56, it has a 30rnd mag and full auto capacity for CQB and a nice range.

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