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Hey All!


Been playing a while now but never actually posted an introduction for myself!


My names Dusty! I usually play on either the EU#1 or EU#2 Invade and Annex Server! I'm very friendly and approachable! I like to help people as much as I can! Was running a huge squad on EU#2 the other day! We dominated the enemy! :D


EDIT: I also made a Steam Group for people on the servers! I hope the Staff don't mind! I can disband it if they wish! Just thought I'd do my little part of advertising! See the group below!


Steam Group for EU#1 and EU#2 Servers! - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/InvadeArmaIII


Anyway! I hope to see/meet new people on the servers soon!






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Welcome Dusty on AhoyWorld. Congrats on leading a squad and domination. We already have AhoyWorld group on Steam. There isn't any rule about creating other groups. You are taking sole responsibility of stated Group as your own. Please use it with the up-most sportsmanship and fair play as well as players behaviour. The stated Group will not represent this Community in any way. Run it by general AhoyWorld rules for EU#1 and EU#2 servers. If you have any concerns or issues, use forums and respective sub-forums or our TS3 channel (look for players with green flags) . Servers are meant for plays. Forums are for discussion.


Enjoy your pleasant stay at AhoyWorld,



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I have stated within the group that it is unofficial, as well as that yes Rave that's a 13 man squad, not a 12 (The last man is in the right hand side of the list however is too low down to see). Haha, yeah! Classic EU#1 ;)

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