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Evening All :)


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I've been playing on your servers for the last 2 days and so far I'm having a huge blast.

The most fun I've had in Arma 3 to date. 

I use to be a member of a unit, but I couldn't maintain their schedule, because my schedule is all over the place.
So the drop in and drop out nature of EU1-2 are absolutely valuable, I've already met some awesome people on TeamSpeak already. 


I'm definitely planning on sticking around. Might try out the EU3 modded server at some point down the road.


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If you do come across to EU3 some time, remember to ask lots of questions, it's a very different kind of organised chaos compared EU1+2. Best to read most of the sticky'd posts in the subforum too... Either way welcome!

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Hi and welcome friend :)


Glad you enjoy the Ahoy servers and as Pancake said, if you are looking for real combat experience/realisme you are defenitly gonna enjoy the EU3 server.

Fun and helpfull guys to play with and everybody will be engaged to help you in youre learning progress to expand your gameplay on EU3.


Check out the forums around EU3 and keep yourself updated on any training days regarding the mods for EU3 ;)


See you on the battlefield!

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