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The new guy. Hi i am Chuckyaegar


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Hi all. Thank you all for letting me get in on this excellent community. I have watched Luetin's youtube videos and had to get involved. I have a lot of ARMA experience, being a member of two clans that did some good work but ultimately hit the wall due to lack of money, not many donations and lack of dedication. I have experience of most roles. I have been in leadership roles, the best mission i led in an HQ role was a 60 player joint OP with another clan, and have been the lowliest grunt, my most comfy role being unguided AT and support gunner, i have limited experience in flight. I have a good knowledge of Zeus. I have read extensively about military affairs new and old. I am familiar with most jargon, map reading and radio etiquette. I look forward to pulling off some well designed, led and manned mission. I will see you on the battlefield. OUT. 

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