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donations paypal only?


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Good afternoon all


After last nights wel executed  Luetin missions i found my self looking to put a lil " thanks "in for the time spend and the enjoyment i got from the effort you lot put together to get the night kicking off perfectly by sorting teams and ts and all for us.


so to my suprise (or i was to drunk ) i only found a paypal link ...i personaly have a bad history with em (they still owe me +-$2000 from poker ) so i dont want to create a account with em just to put a donation in .


so my Q is do you have a direct bank account i can put it in like a IBAN number or a trusty core member of staff i could send it to .


i know that servers aint free myself so i wana help a lil if i can .


Thanks in advance 







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Hi Thanks for the reply


But it seem to be only creditcards or wont accept my card ABN -AMRO so what i was looking for is like a bank account to send it to from my bank direct no fee`s and instant transfer.


i aint a fan of creditcards hens why i asked for a IBAN .


Ill try and see if i can locate someone with a paypal to still help out .



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Well, allmpst the same problem here. I was willing to make a donation to keep the servers running (they are running great but i still wanted to contribute just out of appreciation). Only issue i got is that i cant pay thrue any other method then, like on steam, the direct Ebanking method. Any suggestions or something? Feel free to let me know.


Also i would really appreciate to know how much Ahoy is spending each month/per server so i could get consider donating a fair amount to support the community ;)


Catch you guys on the flipside ;)

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