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How can I remove the item restrictions per soldier class on AW Invade and Annex?


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Hi Guys,


I have been looking on how to remove the restrictions per soldier class that AW Invade and Annex comes with. Example, thermal sights can only be used by team leaders, and so on...


Could somebody point me in the right direction?


Thanks in advance!

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Either do it in-game, change parameters before the mission starts. Second option is edit the mission (un-pbo it), edit description.ext (where startup parameters are defined), save the file, pack it into the PBO again.

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The class restrictions are set up in a file called restrictions.sqf which is under the scripts folder in the pbo. If you delete that file and then go into the initplayerlocal.sqf file and delete the line that references restrictions.sqf. What your really doing is getting rid of the file that actually contains the restrictions, and then getting rid of any line in the whole pbo that references that file. If you completely remove the restrictions.sqf file, it will also remove the spawn protection. If you wanted to get rid of restrictions but keep the spawn protect, you could go into the restrictions.sqf file and delete all of the weapon classnames that are restricted. That would leave everything intact, but it wouldn't actually restrict any weapons. I hope this helps! 

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