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Guest Bartlett

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Guest Bartlett

Hi.im the newish guy to the eu3 server and I'm trying to create a mission for the eu3 server possibly for a game night :D, I'm using our shiny new cup mods and i am requesting support from experienced mission makers in helping me make this. At the moment I'm still right at the beginning still placing friendly assets. Could ou please reply with names of people on teamspeak who would be able to help me so I know who to ask advice I'm excited to do be making my mission and really want to see it through as I believe that it is something that everyone will enjoy, with our revealing too much it's something completely new, changes the idea of how we have played recently and is as realistic as modern combat today operate so if anyone can help I'd sure appreciate it

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Hi Bartlett,

Your first best bet it to take apart something that's already been done and see how it works. Arma is pretty fussy about how things go together, but the eden editor has streamlined a lot of that.

If you check in your steam / ArmA / mpmissions folder, you'll see the maps you have joined, which will probably include a gauntlet mission in pbo format. Grab a tool which can unpack a pbo file (I use pbo manager) and you'll see all the files that make up the mission. Most importantly you'll be able to load it into the mission editor if you save the files in your profile directory, under missions.

A lot of the grunt work will have already been done for you - ie, unit spawns and loadouts. If you don't want gauntlet missions running you can safely delete pretty much every mission subdirectory except scripts/misc... and probably functions.

From there you can populate the mission in eden.

- R

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