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Ingame Name*: Fraggloid

Why do you think you were banned?:

"Firing in base"; but I'd say it was due to that (explained below) and an apparent attitude problem with a moderator shortly before the event took place.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted?*:

I didn't to my knowledge fire in base. I specifically left the Chernarus base perimeter to vent some steam before disconnecting to go to the menu arsenal to work on some loadouts and relax for a few. I was somewhat agitated about a combination of things, including but not limited to people's attitudes, people messing around during missions, reslotting into an open role then having to reslot again due to people disconnecting, missing a mission due to a pilot not flying to the AO for ~10 minutes, radio issues.


The attitude problem mentioned above was after a request to Origins for a UH-1H to fly as pilot (I have quite a nice looking late Vietnam-era pilot loadout, and I've been dying to give it a run in a mission). He said 'no', and I simply asked why; he then responded asking about my attitude. As far as I'm aware I wasn't giving him any attitude, I was simply curious as to why my request was denied.


Also after somewhat brief discussion with Muckduck via teamspeak post-ban, our definitions of outside the base seem to differ. I've gone to the location I used previously, in front of several moderators, and have never been asked not to fire there. A simple request not to fire there would have made me cease, and not do so in the future. No such request was made, and I wasn't approached about why I was to be banned, before or after the ban was given. I may not be in a staff position within AW, but I've held such positions in other communities, for both Arma and others, in the past and currently. All of those communities do not issue a ban until an admin has discussed the situation and reason for the ban with the concerned parties; this prevents misunderstandings (which was a key factor in my previous 24H ban, I believe; I was referred to core staff to discuss that, but that meeting never took place), and promotes both admin/player relationships, and a far more accurate understanding of rule-based specifics.


The area I used can be seen here; it's the light patch of grass outside the L shaped wall, in the centre of the screen.




I'd also like to use this to appeal the removal of my Field Ambassador status, which was removed at the same time; I was quite happy to have been granted it after previous events, and it gave me a lot of faith in my position in AW. The loss of that, no matter how trivial, is somewhat disappointing; I may be a mere member of the community, and I may not contribute much towards development and maintaining the community, but I'm proud to be able to display my tags, and I like to help out where I can.


Which administrator banned you (ArmA 3 only)?: Muckduck.

When were you banned?*: Around half an hour ago, I'd estimate.

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