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Local Co-Op Tool for PC


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Hey guys,


Been using this tool for a few years now and recently showed it to a friend who reminded me how awesome it was, and that not too many people are aware it exists. (May be a little late with this, but if you're like me and always looking for some local co-op games to play with friends or your SO, still pretty relevant.)


Anyway, it is a tool that some guy started a couple years ago on the Borderlands forums after being frustrated with the fact that PC versions of many games do not get local co-op like their console counterparts. It allows up to four players with supported games, and you can split the screens or go fullscreen on multiple monitors or TVs in basically any combo. He started out with compatibility for the BL series, and according to his posts in the last year, he's still working on adding games. The site claims support for the following in beta v1.5:


- Borderlands

- Borderlands 2

- Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

- Left 4 Dead (although there is native support also if you use the dev console)

- Left 4 Dead 2 ("" iirc)

- Resident Evil 5

- Portal 2


From the author:


My Checklist (so you guys can see what I'm doing)

- DPI scaling 
- Borderlands not finding server
- Switch audio output -> games don't seem to have a default option and Windows doesn't help us on that regard


- Aliens: Colonial Marines
- CoD: World at War
- CoD: Advanced Warfare
- Black Ops 2: Zombies
- Halo ( actually did it, but it's buggy as hell. Will need some fixes)
- Halo 2 (GFWL blocks us in)
- Dead Space 3
- Borderlands 1
- Black Ops 2 - Zombies (actually pretty close to working)
- Dead Island
- Saints Row 3
- Goldeneye Mod for Half Life 2



I have personally only used it to play the Borderlands series and L4D1, so I cannot speak to how well it does the others. This tool is absolutely incredible if you're tired of frame drops and sucky anti-aliasing you get on the console versions' co-op. Here's a picture from a while back before I moved and got a couple TVs to replace my crap monitors for this kind of stuff:




Check out these links for downloads and instructions:




Looks like he's making the switch from CodePlex to GitHub, but he has more info on the CodePlex site.

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