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ACRE 2 Troubleshot

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Hey guys, I'm having some serious issues with ACRE 2. I don't know what it is but I seem to be the only one having this Specific issue.
The problem is as follows. I can hear people that are on my channel but they can't hear me. To be more specific: They can hear the sound of the channel opening and closing but do not hear me speak in between even though I am talking.
I have already tried running ARMA 3 and TS3 in and out of admin mode. Reinstalled ARMA, TS3 and ACRE 2 and never get my radio out the arsenal.
Here are some logs of today from ACRE 2: http://imgur.com/lHBCZ7U


I really need help with this because this is very much ruining my experience and means that I can't play with you guys properly.


**Edit: The title is a pun btw. I'm very much done with the problems it's causing.**

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Isnt that just your voice volume you got to increase to shout?


Also, i have the problem that other people on ACRE sound very quiet and are hard to hear (even with earplugs fitted)

And i allways get stuck on channel 16 to never get back at channel 1.


Any ideas guys?


Thx in advance!

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