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Arma3sync is giving me a hard time

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I downloaded Arma3Sync last night trying to get all the mods sorted out for EU3#. 


Unfortunately either due to my internet or I don't know what, when I put down the address under add new repositories, it takes forever to connect to it. 


I cancel it and surprisingly the name appears along with 'NOTIFY' check-box and "UPDATED" status. 


After this I proceed to connect to the repository then I get another pop-up box which says 'connecting to the repository....'


Here's the problem, this damn thing doesn't actually connect (by this I don't mean 10 minutes or 15 minutes. It just goes on endlessly) and the progress box doesn't go away unless I manually cancel it. 


I've lost count of the number of attempts. Tried restarting my router, restarting my PC no luck. I've followed the youtube video set-by-step, I'm not sure why this is happening. 


Is there a list of all the mods somewhere for EU3, the next best option for me is to manually download them one by one. 





PS: In case you think that cancelling the first process may have caused the issue, I've tried it without cancelling as well i.e. letting the program take its time to find the repo, still no luck. Connecting to it still leaves me hanging in an endless loading process. 

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I had an issue with my pasted link not looking like the one I copied (for some weird reason). I manually changed it to look as the one I copied and then it worked for me. Doubble check if the link you're pasting is identical to the one you're copying.

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Made no difference unfortunately :(



If you are anyone else could tell me or give me an idea of what kind of mods will be required for tomorrows training at EU3#, i'll get them ready now. 




I have a decent bunch of them already, just want to see if I'm missing anything

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