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Hello let's be friends


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I am new to ARMA, I've spent more time watching videos of ARMA than playing it. 


I like James Brown, and the colour brown. Yes, I am brown and no you cannot make fun of my accent because I don't think it's that bad.


You can find me in game as Goliath. It took me 15 mins to decided a name because I think it makes a good impression on your peers if you are new. 


I drink lots of coffee and my doctor says I'm slightly overweight but I'm working on it. I do like some broccoli once in a while.


I live on a small island called Bahrain (but my nationality is a secret). We have lots of Banks here, host the Formula 1 every year and have a bunch of protests against the ruling family once in a while. 


In ARMA I enjoy flying helicopters and planes but I'm terrible at flying them. I also enjoy sniping but I had no clue how to zero my weapon until a week back (after some 120+ hours of game time).


Sometimes I kill things, it makes me very happy. I frequently check the scoreboard to see if I'm doing better than my peers so that we can brag about it later. Also I despise casual gamers because I think it's cool to hate console scrubs. 


I've been a console scrub for about 8 years, it feels good to ascend to the master race. I'm thinking of getting a golden colour bath robe.


Jokes aside, really looking forward to spending time on EU3#. I haven't played a lot of tactical shooters, it's liberating.


I've played EVE Online for about 3 years and I'm aware of comms discipline and precise communication. I think I'll be a good fit. 


Basically what I said was I know when to shut up and take orders. 


So see you guys out there. 


Let's be friends



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