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Letter status 28022016

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          First time in writing these letters I actually don't know how to start it. I'm looking at this plain white paper and I'm starting to feel uncomfortable of how scary it is while it's empty, without words. You know the feeling when you haven't interact with something you've enjoyed for months. Suddenly you feel lost, cut-off from exploring.

I'm finding calm in previous letters and how Community of Ahoy members have enjoyed it by engaging into direct conversations and expressing their observations, arguing, discussing and I thank them to that. Words are the fuel of this community.



Recent change in management.


          @Raz has left. Now we need to repair AW wing. David has stepped out. And he is asking for our help. Rough ride like Raz said. But we will find that ride in greatness of success which Raz was reaching. With David, it has to be another awesome ride for Ahoy Community.

Communication to David is the key. And I agree on that. And I'm sure we're all agreed on that. This forms community. Our Ahoy Community. He also suggested meetings to become more regularly. This way we can express ourselves verbally. I don't know David very well (except from

) but I'm sure he will try to do his best to keep gears running. He just asks for our support. Nobody can drive any community by himself.

          @Amantes brilliant observation and thinking: Community Meetup 27022016, 12:45; @David:

On Community involvement; In which direction leader wants to go so we can push in his direction. I can't describe better than @Amantes on point.

On changes overtime; what new players and members expect and what changes bring onto them.

Nor any idea shall be shut off under my watch!

I witnessed a couple times where members of EU#3 actually expressed their concerns or applaud about changes. Either way those concerns were listened by members and expressed on forums (yeah please use forums in that matter, don't have long chick-chats while we are on the mission). I encourage everyone to use forums for expressing their opinions and concerns. Every opinion will have its own conclusion with explanation for it.

          Second part of conversation (~44:00) was about timing in training and gamenights which continued on forum style and organization. Maybe the problem relies with the site. I'm not sure. People don't like to go on forums trying to find thread. Maybe a side-site can help it out with all future events which are sliding like food in sushi restaurant, or fixed ones which are “highlighted”¹. Which brings the question who will organize the timeline or make those sushi dishes? We love to eat it, but how many of us actually know how to make a good sushi?


Suggestion: Primary gamenights with mission well described and thought have ribbons. Maybe that's the way we can attract more people to gamenights if population is concern. Then, on forums we can have drop down list with all ribbons near our name (with name of the gamenight as well as organizator name) which all can see. That way we give credit for members who played it and especially for hard work of members organizing it.


I want to thank @Origins for recording this meetup.


¹ @Amantes observations on gamenights and training.



EU#3 Temple


          For centuries people gather around to share their experiences. And I remember those great rides. EU#3 was my morning that became night. I sound like I'm worshipping these four symbols. Every time I've entered that temple I felt diversity of what I can accomplish, unlocking all my abilities to make great moments and memories.

But now, I won't feel at home. I know I'll struggle at the re-beginning. Peace of mind won't come with my skills, It will come with people surrounding me; fighting for same cause. I know I'll have someone to lift me up when I fall.

For all of us the new players, AW's EU#3 is the place where together, through effort we can accomplish everything. That is the feeling having a great supportive Community. Joke: No It's not group therapy.

          I'm sad I can't talk much on gameplays take. I still have to catch up and justify Ambassador title which I was entitled to. I want to give all the support for members of Ahoy Community, the support I've had when stood the ground thinking I'm alone.


          There were struggling times when people just don't visit EU#3 at all. I was really sad seeing people go playing something else or living their life. This weekend I'm surrounded by warmth seeing EU#3 TS channel all popped with players.


Now, let's go for another ride, shall we?




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