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Hi everybody,


maybe this has allready been a topic and i missed it but with attending to the EU3 meeting 27/02/2016 i was pleasently surprised about the dedication to help out new players and i think that this is one of our strongest points as a community.


Personally i've only played a few times on EU3 when we still used TFAR instead of ACRE and even then i felt like a complete noob again :P

So i heard that its never a problem to ask a member who is familiar with the realism of the EU3 server mods to lend a helping hand but i (and i'm sure i'm not alone) hold back on joining the server just not to bug people in educating a complete EU3noob from the very start while everyone just wants to go out and complete their mission.


I heard there were a few trainingdays to help out new players but i was wondering if this will be a weekly provided option. Sure hope so.

If it is, wouldn't it be a good idea to integrate some sort of calender as topic in the forum where everybody can followup these trainingdays/gamenights? Both in GMT and CET offcourse. Or give people the option to apply and then get some sort of notification that applied/signed up for these days?


Just a suggestion :)



Grtzz Lex

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As Miniply said, these training sessions, when hosted by Ryko, are held on Fridays usually during at GMT or 2000 GMT. However, they're not held every week, likely due to lack of time. However, when they do happen, they're always announced on the forums and show up on the front page.


Outside those, if you're willing to learn, there's people willing to teach.

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