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Taking the reins


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One quick point on the availability of staff to questions. Take into account who you're asking what eg don't ask the site owner what weapon sight would be best on a mg for eu2 or the classic "tker on eu1" then no more info. There are plenty of people around who can help everyone else so make use of that resource rather than taking it straight to the top, who while they are at the top, may not be the best placed for the particular inquiry or question.

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Community engagement


Our current community engagement is very low, far lower than it should be. Basically a lot of our admins don’t play on EU1/2 a lot, this means we don’t engage with the non members and that means they don’t become members. My plan is to drive up community engagement, gain members, promote people into the lower ranks (Field Ambassador etc) more frequently to end up with a broader admin team, this spreads out the workload for admins and in turn makes playing on EU1/2 less stressful for them, making them more likely to play. In short, not playing on EU1/2 means it’s more work in the long run.


Regular community meetings


Something we are lacking is meeting with the members, we do it from time to time but nowhere near enough to really connect, I’m aiming for quarterly.


these 2 topics are the best topics in my opinion. It's not my job to handle the finances ,management etc. but i do care about our community and i must say, with our ups and downs, we are a great tight community full of great people who love to play and who love to make sure every member/visitor has a great time.


The regular community meetings is a big + in my opinion. Good chance to improve the community aswell as getting to know new members and brainstorm around different ideas.


As for the community engagement. Thats also 1 point to not be taking litghly. New members who are really going full on are allways nice to play with and create a fun and helpfull atmosphere for every veteran or new player. I don't know what the actual job is as a field ambassador but i am willing to listen to any suggstion in wich i could help to expand our community. Maybe someone from staff can contact me about this for a little extra info and who knows. As a 'normal' player, fun and teamplay are on top of my list and i allways try and help out new players/members because that works both ways. Also, i like to poke the admins all the time if people mess up the eu1/2 servers not only for myself but to create a fun and tolerate game everyone can enjoy. (Sorry for keeping you on ur toes admins :P )


Come and speak to me on TS when you see me David when you have read my request for getting full Ahoymembership.

I have very much confidence i could make a good asset in being 'the allseeing eye' on the eu1/2 servers.


Oh and goodluck on this privilege but heavy task assigned to you know ;)


See you on TS/the battlefield



Grtzz Lex

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Sad to hear Raz has stepped down, however having known both David and Raz for a long long time (although not having seen anyone so much in recent memory, which I know is my fault and not anyone else's) I just want to say Dave has come along way from the slightly annoying kid we met on the internet in 2007. He will definitely do a fine job of bolstering the community for a few more years!

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Sad to hear about Raz stepping down, but as a newer member of the community (I have been playing EU1/2 since 2014), I wish you nothing but good luck in keeping this running smoothly! Always willing to help if it is needed, and I'm looking to definitely get as involved as I can. Cheers

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