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Dedi server setup help for I&A


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Hey folks! What a great community you have here! I'm Retribution and I have LOVED the invade and annex mod for years. I am very interested in setting up a server on a dedicated box for a community that i help admin. My server host is OVH. I have been very pleased with them thus far, but when I asked if they could setup a I&A server they pretty much drew a blank and said i would be on my own.


I would like to know if there is a guide or post that I can read through or anyone can take a few moments to give me a brief overview here of exactly how to setup the server.  I have looked around on google and I have yet to find anything helping me out. Thats not saying its not out there, i just havn't found it. We have an exile server, so how much diff is it? We are running a windows server 2012r2.  I know this is pretty basic stuff, but alas I am not the most savvy. I really look forward to giving love to AhoyWorld and Rarek for such a great mod and game mode on my server and would appreciate any assistance anyone could lend. 


p.s. - i hope this is in the right spot on the forums if not I do apologize. 


Thanks in advance for helping out a fella like me! 


Edit - just to clarify - I have the .pbo all ready to go and tweaked the way I like it, with proper credits of course, no probs there. I just don't know how to actually start/launch the mission and set restarts every 6 hours or so. Using Firedeamon. Again, any help would be appreciated. 

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ah super, so the pbo is sorted.


Our very own kamaradski has a server restarter including the use of battlEye



for the more simplistic server the best place to find knowledge would be on the arma wiki



I hope this helps :) good luck

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