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Whats up with the CUP

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As for now, we only have 2 maps that are free of DAC spawning battalions of ambient ai around players. 
Those maps are, i believe Altis and Sahrani, every other map is still in Gauntlet 35, i asked one of developers about that, As i heard the map will be updated to Gauntlet 38 when they are ready with the CUP. My question is, what's the plan of adding in the Community Update Project and when can we expect Zargabad, Fallujah and few other maps updated to the point where AO's don't change into our very own Defense missions even before entering them. 


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Here's my plan re Gauntlet:


1) Develop on Altis til it's essentially rock solid - it's almost there, there are a few things I want to finish, like the vehicle repair pads, and balance on missions. That happens with user input but from what I'm seeing everything is rolling fairly smoothly.  I altered Sarahni to give a bit of variety, but it's on 38 and not 38B, so a few things are not the same.
2) Once Altis is locked down, copy over the content to the other Woodland maps (Stratis, Sarahni, Panthera, Chernarus).


Other admins are investigating the MODs we use to find the right balance for EU3, and also to address issues we have with current MODs - for example, TRYK vests have no armor protection, so they're not worth keeping.  Since the MFFA (more factions for Arma) MOD, which gave us our enemies in Fallujah & Zargabad, relies on TRYK, it will also go (Alganthe is not updating those factions), we want to bring CUP to the repo (which has a boat load of new weapons, gear and assets) and also an expanded Takistani faction that we can have access to.  Once the repo issues have been sorted out, and we are using CUP assets, I will update the Fallujah and Zargabad maps with the Takistani faction.



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