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Foreign letters, increase threshold to 5 instead of 3?


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Hello, this is a minor annoyance, but it's still an issue I would love to have adressed. If it's much work or I'm the only one having issues with it, it's not really that important that it needs to be adressed, but it's still something which bothers me.

As stated, it's really a minor one, but when writing in chat, it does happend that you manage to get a foreign (nordic) letter into the mix without meaning to. You're supposed to speak english and I do agree with that, but I think that only 3 warnings is a bit to little, as it's so easy to accidentally slip a key on the keyboard and add one by accident while writing. I still havn't managed to use all the up to 3 warnings you get, but I know that I've been on my last warning several times, simply because I tend to miss a key every now and then when typing fast. Getting kicked by accidentally adding a letter such as å,ä or ö (which is right next to the k, p and ' key is quite annoying, would it be possible to increase this treshhold to give you 5 warnings or so?

3 times is quite a narrow span when the keys are so close to the keys you use for english, especially when you're playing for several hours. The small mistakes add upp and eventually you'll get kicked for writing just a little bit too fast, something which can be nessecary while flying low and still wanting to type to your crew.

People entering, writing stuff in other languages than english would still get kicked by a threshold of 5 (just 2 messages later) and for me personally, it would make me not needing to be as careful when typing and flying.

Best regards,


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