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Hello from a new member


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UserName: Boondog


Real Life: Husband, Father & Programme manager

Not Real Life: I RP as a pilot and Spotter/JTAC


Dropped on to your server in the last few days scanning the horizons, EU2 I&A and from those I've spoken to there's lots of good banter.


With my current clan I'm running near enough 50 mods, including all the main ones TFAR, RHS, BAF MELB, ShakTac, etc..


I fly on Advanced flight model (rotorlib), I use HOTAS & Pedals, TrackIr5 & TC-pro, my system is I5 OC'd to 4.5ghz, 16gb 1866 Vengeance RAM, GTX 660Ti, ROG Maximus Extreme motherboard, you get the picture. I'm not a crazy gung-ho pilot I'm very considered in my flying. I just CSAT were as considered when shooting me down!


If you made it this far then thanks and if you see me online then please stop by, take moment and say hi.






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