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Welcome, what do you mean by your own slot? EU3 doesn't have a exclusive slot, its public as long as you have all the correct mods installed. And joining the correct Teamspeak channel



Ah sorry my bad I read a bit wrong sorry dude ;)

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I'd suggest hopping on when it's a bit busy on the server e.g. later in the evening throughout the week days, just so there's more people there you can use as examples and ask questions of. EU#3 Veterans or Moderators would be the best examples to go by.


Keep in mind that if you read a couple of the (pinned) posts here in the EU#3 forum section, it might save you some effort getting to know the mods (& different kind of gameplay) later.


As @Colsta already said, pick a slot such as rifleman or assistant autorifleman first and listen to your superiors till you get the hang of things, it would make it a lot easier on you if you got to know the basic before you dive into the depths of all the planning and communication hassle.


Anyway, good luck  :D  See ya online!

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