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Time of preparation @ TS: 19:45 GMT (14:45 EST)

Time start: 20:00 GMT (15:00 EST)

Time end: 23:00 GMT (ish)


Mods: EU#3 Repository Mods


Hi folks,


With an influx of new players, we're going to have another training night.  Same mode as before: basic training for new players, and advanced training for players who have been out in the field a few times.


Basic training looks like this:

  1. Introduction - what it means to play on EU3 - how it's different from EU1 / other servers - what we expect from players.  Ie., the obligatory boring but happily short talky-talk part
  2. Radios - how to use ACRE - how to communicate well & efficiently - understanding how & why the radios work.
  3. Working as a team - formations, movement, cover, battle buddies, chain of command.
  4. ACE medical - how to treat your own injuries - how to help a medic (or other team members) treat another team members' injuries effectively.

Advanced training topics this week will be TEAM LEADING and SQUAD LEADING.  For team leading, how to herd cats manage a team and implement the orders of your squad leader; for squad leading, how to build a plan based on Platoon Command's objectives, and how to herd cats manage fire teams.


No signups necessary, but posting your intent to participate below is welcome.


Training will be on Altis Gauntlet 0.36 because I haven't had a chance to fix the Training map, and it'll be useful to have objectives for FT/SL training.


Following training at 21:00 will be a ZEUS co-op mission, also using the standard Gauntlet format, but tailored more to the composition of the platoon.





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Please note this was for last Friday :) We'll probably run some sort of training this week, though.

Havn't heard anything about any training this week, but if there is one, I'm up for it.

If there isn't any form of training, I might just try and kindly ask someone on TS to hold my hand and guide me through my first few hours ^^

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